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Smashing the Wine Glass – the Pain, Part 2

This blog post is a continuation of the previous one.  If you haven’t read the first, see “Smashing the Wine Glass – the Angst, Part 1.” In spite of J’s teases, Eileen finally agreed to include the glass stomping ritual … Continue reading

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Smashing the Wine Glass, Part 1: the Angst

One of the most iconic and highly anticipated moments in a Jewish wedding is the ending.  Not because the ceremony is interminable (as a Passover seder seems), but because it implies the beginning of a long and happy relationship.  And, … Continue reading

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The Wedding Ring Miracle: A Sign and Wonder

At our wedding we didn’t have just two rings.  We had four.   You could say that we had one for each of our ring fingers.  Were we starting a new trend in wedding accoutrements?  No.  In fact, we were following … Continue reading

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Bedding with Animals in the Land of Swiss Chard

Fluffy duvets, covered with blindingly white sheets, folded up neatly next to the highly plumped white pillows on the simple wood-framed bed.  That was standard fare at every hotel my wife and I stayed in last summer on our trip … Continue reading

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An Invitation for Social Blunders

Issuing invitations is one aspect of wedding planning that can cause discomfort, conflict or – in our case – embarrassment.  The obvious question is:  who do we invite?  Really though, what it boils down to (especially to those who see … Continue reading

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