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Winging My Way into Birdwatching

To my surprise, I’ve found that I’ve got birds on the mind.  Now if you’re not a birdwatcher, please don’t take flight by clicking (or clucking!) away.  I’m not a birdwatcher either.  At least, I never was before.  It’s just … Continue reading

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My Favorite Country to Travel In

Quickly, I offer a disclaimer:  I’m not going to tell you my favorite country to visit.   But, please don’t go away.  I didn’t choose this blog title just to get your attention.  Rather, I need your help in answering the … Continue reading

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This Spring’s Eye Candy: The Flowering of Baby Eli

Springtime in Washington.  I just can’t leave it alone, can I?  As I walk (or drive) around town, I can’t resist being impressed by the beauty of it all.   Right now it’s the azaleas that are the hot ticket, with … Continue reading

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A Day to Sing About at the Polls

On Tuesday, I performed a civic duty.  At least, that’s what people call it.  I spent the day – ALL day, from 6:00 am to 9:30 pm – shuttered inside a room filled with strangers and machines.  The machines themselves … Continue reading

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Colombia Rocks!

Catchy title?  I hope so, but I’m going to ask your help to make sense out of it.  We’ll share the task.  You tell me – whether you’ve been to Colombia or not – why you think Colombia rocks, in … Continue reading

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