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The Skinny on Questions of Attraction (and Request for Opinions)

It’s hot, it’s summer, the days are long, and I’ve been having trouble writing my blog.  Did you notice that I posted my last post about a fellow biker trying to pick me up while on a Sunday morning bike … Continue reading

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Muscling His Way In – A Clever Pick Up Line?

“You’re all muscle,” he said as he rode up alongside me.  I was pushing – straining, actually – to pedal my way up the hill and reach the more level Beach Drive.  It was a sunny, near-90 degree Sunday morning … Continue reading

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My Show of a Lifetime: An Astronomical Marvel, Nearly 50 Years Past

On Tuesday, I missed witnessing one of the rarest of astronomical phenomena:  the transit of Venus, in which our brightest planet passes in front of the sun.  It’s not even a once-in-a-lifetime event, as it doesn’t happen every century.  But, … Continue reading

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Rail Trail Blues Along the Greenbrier River in West Virginia

Whenever I ride my bicycle on a rail trail, I am reminded of what used to be and of how much has changed.  That’s because of the nature of rail trails, railroad line right-of-ways that have been converted to walking … Continue reading

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