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I'm a lucky person since I've combined my two major passions, conservation and travel, into a profession of sorts. When I'm not organizing or leading an ecotour to Latin America or beyond, I engage in freelance writing and enjoy outdoor activities with my wife. That's the nutshell version!

Pipe Dreams of Daddy

I can still smell it now – that pungent, sweet odor of tobacco emanating from its pouch. It overpowered other aromas also his: oil paints, old leather rucksacks, and film developer. In my mind’s eye is a row of brown … Continue reading

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Car Free or Carbon Free: A Day to Choose

Originally posted at under the title                     “Going the Extra Mile on Car Free Day with Abigail Rome” I’ve just signed the pledge to leave my car in the driveway on September … Continue reading

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Tears in my Garden

The summer brings change, so unlike my usual travelogues, here’s a poem I just wrote.  Feel free to comment with your reactions and realizations.   Tears in my Garden I water the plants in my yard on a perfect-weather morning … Continue reading

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Death Valley: Where Unencumbered Geology and Yogis Are One

Death Valley – the hottest place on earth.  Where temperatures have reached 134°F and where one summer it didn’t get below 100° for 154 days.  It sounds ominous, doesn’t it?   You expect to see vast stretches of white sand; crusty old … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah: A New Year to Pedal My Thoughts and Wishes

As many of us are about to ring in a new year, I wanted to reach out. First, I want to wish you a Shana Tovah (a Happy New Year) – a year of health, fruitfulness and affection. And second, … Continue reading

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In Memory: A Friend and Neighbor Too Full of Life to Ever Die

CocoRay:  my neighbor, my friend, a bright star in my life here on Ray Drive.   Her name wasn’t really CocoRay,  It was Kim.  But Kim is such a quiet, calm name – a demure name, and she was anything but … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Authenticity in Tourism Destinations: Colombia, as a Case in Point

If you read my previous blog post (about Jardin, Colombia) and you know what I do, you may be thinking that I’m being hypocritical.  I’ll explain.  You may remember that I started my article by saying that what I loved … Continue reading

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