About Abitravelblog

I’m a traveler, a maverick of sorts, and a long-time environmentalist and conservationist.  If I could, I’d be outdoors –  in nature, that is – all the time.  Or at least while the weather is cooperative.

That said, I am a social sort so I’d want to bring my existing and soon-to-be friends with me.

I’ve had experiences – indoors and out, in the U.S. and around the world – that generate envy among those that know me.

When I put these facts together I discover the reasons that I blog:  I want to share places I’ve been and experience I’ve had.  And in return, I encourage my readers to reflect and react, hopefully by commenting on this website or directly to me.

Now to be clear, when I say “places” I mean actual geographic entities, as well as the more figurative thoughts, feelings and experiences.  So, not all my posts will be about traveling to some exotic rainforest or mountain.  They’ll include my life as a woman recently married to another woman, and they’ll touch on family history, legend and lore.  As time goes on, topic options are sure to expand.  That’s what traveling is all about, after all:  moving from the known to the unknown and embracing all the lessons offered along the way.

4 Responses to About Abitravelblog

  1. getsetandgo says:

    Hey, I love reading your blog and have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award! Please check out my blog for details, post the award on your sidebar and spread the love to some of your favorite bloggers!


  2. goeverywhere says:

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog somehow. I’m an avid traveler who lives in and in a same-sex relationship. I’ve traveled since age 21 off and on and love the adventures, interactions, etc. I generally travel solo. My partner and I have been together for 2 1/2 years now and this is my first same-sex relationship, and a fabulous one at that. We haven’t traveled much together as her budget doesn’t necessarily allow it, but at some point I know we will. It’s always on my mind whether or not the places I want to go would be dangerous for us as a couple. To make matters more intense, we are also interracial, her being african american and me being apparently caucasian. Have you traveled much with your wife and have you any experiences of the reception of your relationship abroad? I did meet another lesbian in Antigua, Guatemala, and it appeared to be mostly accepted there, though PDA never seems to be OK. I’m just curious, if you know places that would be more comfortable or safe than others. It makes me sad to have to consider this, especially since in the past I have never really had to consider it. Many places are not receptive to homosexuals, and not all places treat those with darker skin with respect. I’m not sure how the intersection of those two could play against us. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • abitravel says:

      Hi. Thanks for writing. It sounds like we have a lot in common – we both love to travel, have a female partner, are in biracial relationships, and are first-timers at the girlfriend thing. My wife (did you see the blogs about our wedding?) and I have traveled together quite a bit – throughout the U.S., in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean – and have had no problems. For one, we never engage in PDA (anywhere). And, for two, I think most people in the U.S. are okay with two women being together. See my blog “Gay Honeymooners Are Welcomed Across America.” In Latin America and parts of Europe, women hold hands in public whether they’re a couple or not – it’s just part of the culture. And, biracial relationships are becoming more common all over. My advice is: go wherever you want with your girlfriend and don’t make a big deal of being lovers. You’re friends first, and that’s the most important thing. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes for you.

  3. erinkosta says:

    I did see one blog about the wedding! Thanks for the response. I find we don’t engage in PDA unless we are in a very comfortable environment. Unfortunately, I hate to have to reconsider whether walking down a beach and holding hands or having a quick kiss or a hug in a romantic spot will affect our safety or treatment. Thanks for the advice and glad to hear it has not been an issue for you!

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