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Sparking a Light in the Ecuadorian Jungle

They had never explored their own country, small though it was.  Ecuador is a fascinating place, composed of four distinct ecoregions that every local schoolchild and tourist can describe.  There’s the coastal plain, which starts at the edge of the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Curiosities: A Traveler’s Tale of Cocoa-based Pastimes and Perversities

I love chocolate as much as the next gal.  I say “gal” because many people believe women like chocolate more than men, or at least they crave it more.  In spite of scientific studies attesting to this, the jury is … Continue reading

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When a Yellow School Bus Turns Red: Pondering Life in Rural Nicaragua

School buses in the U.S. are yellow.  Why so?  To be seen and to stand out, like fire trucks.  They carry our precious children to school – to educate them and to give them a leg up in life.  We … Continue reading

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A Visit Home – to Pet the Tree, Perhaps?

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “It’s Abi.  I lived in this house, grew up here until we sold it 25 years ago.” “Oh, how sweet.  Would you like to come in and look around?” That was my fantasy.  I dreamed that … Continue reading

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