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The Ghost Town Trail: Where Nature and History Collide

It was mid-September – too early for Halloween ghosts to be lurking – when Eileen and I went biking on the Ghost Town Rail Trail in southwestern Pennsylvania.  So, we had few trepidations about whom we might run into, nor … Continue reading

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Gay Honeymooners Are Welcomed Across America

The day after our wedding, my Prius sat parked on the street in front of my house, sporting a “Just Married” sticker on the window and a bevy of pink and white balloons filling up the inside.  I wondered what … Continue reading

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Raining Mangos, and other Delicacies of Colombia

            A land of high-quality coffee, green-clad mountainsides, diverse peoples and landscapes, dubious drug cartels and mustached guerillas, lively music with indigenous and African beats, and a tradition of rich and mystical literature.  These are … Continue reading

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Flora’s Elegant Wedding Rebuff

We live in a diverse world.  And, when it comes to same-sex marriage, there are many detractors.   We even had one at our wedding.  That might be hard to believe considering how much everyone enjoyed themselves, and that we were … Continue reading

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Our Spirited Wedding: Delving into the Roots of Joy

For weeks and months after our wedding, our guests raved about it.  They told Eileen and me how much fun it was, and how happy everyone felt.  They told us it was full of joy, warmth, meaning and tradition; and … Continue reading

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The Horsehair Couch Giveaway: A Lesson in Appreciation

Last week, as I was nearing the end of my annual vacation in Maine, my sister-in-law asked me to help her clean up the front parlor of our 200-year old New England sea captain’s house.  “Clean up” as in “clean … Continue reading

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