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A Quintessential Garden: Jardin, Colombia

What I love about Colombia – or, the Colombia that I saw last month – is its authenticity.  During my three-week trip I found relatively few places that had been gussied up for tourists, or that were overrun by them.  … Continue reading

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Rail Trail Blues Along the Greenbrier River in West Virginia

Whenever I ride my bicycle on a rail trail, I am reminded of what used to be and of how much has changed.  That’s because of the nature of rail trails, railroad line right-of-ways that have been converted to walking … Continue reading

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Winging My Way into Birdwatching

To my surprise, I’ve found that I’ve got birds on the mind.  Now if you’re not a birdwatcher, please don’t take flight by clicking (or clucking!) away.  I’m not a birdwatcher either.  At least, I never was before.  It’s just … Continue reading

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