My First Blog Post: Traveler’s Anxiety

My first blog post.  It’s a bit scary.  I feel like once I publish this, I’ve gotten my feet wet and there’s no knowing where the big wide ocean will take me.   I suppose I could decide to just go wading – i.e., set up a blog and blog profile and watch what, if anything, happens – but that’s not me.  Once I’ve got my bathing suit on – decided to actually write posts and send them out into the Internet world – I’ve made a commitment that I won’t let myself rescind.  I’m a bit macho that way.

So, here goes…..  I’m going start with stories about my May wedding and honeymoon, since that’s been my most recent adventure.   While this blog will focus mostly on my travels, I’m including my wedding and the events that surrounded it because I consider marriage one of life’s most anticipated and universal trips.  You prepare for it for years, learning who you are and whom you like; searching for your beloved; and once you find her, packing your bag with lessons on how to best share your lives together.   The wedding itself is the flight you take to a new destination:  that of being a married person.   Once you get there, well, that’s a trip I’ll be exploring.

The other reason to write about my wedding is that it was a same-sex one, still a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S.  In fact, right now only five states and the District of Columbia allow two men or two women to marry each other (though it will become legal in New York at the end of this month).  I figure that other gay couples considering embarking on the marriage voyage might get a kick, and even some useful advice, out of our experiences.   At the same time, anyone who travel’s life’s byways should appreciate my stories for they include surprises, lessons learned and plain old fun, irrelevant of the fact that we’re two women who wore wedding dresses under the same chuppah.

The chuppah, by the way, is the wedding canopy used at a Jewish wedding.  I add this as explanation to those unfamiliar with Jewish weddings and possibly with Jewish values and traditions.  But, I also mention it because I am Jewish and we had a Jewish wedding, even though my wife (I still trip over the phrase, as it does feel a bit strange for me to have a wife…) was raised as a Filipino Catholic.   You can see that our marriage is untraditional in many ways – same-sex, interfaith and intercultural.  Though these days it seems that unconventional is the norm….

Okay, I’ve done it.  I’ve written that first post and published it.  While I’m still feeling the shock of cold water enveloping me, I’m starting to feel refreshed.  After all, a good swim can take you far.  Just like a good trip.

About abitravel

I'm a lucky person since I've combined my two major passions, conservation and travel, into a profession of sorts. When I'm not organizing or leading an ecotour to Latin America or beyond, I engage in freelance writing and enjoy outdoor activities with my wife. That's the nutshell version!
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1 Response to My First Blog Post: Traveler’s Anxiety

  1. A M says:

    Just found this! As of today, August 2011, You’re already galloping into the land of Swiss Chard, but I’ll read them in order, like the daily New York Times. They look quite promising. Thanks for creating this blog.

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